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Ruger Single-Action Stag Grips

I make grips sets for every configuration Ruger single action made since 1953.  For Ruger grips I always cut for traditional contours, symmetry, and great bookmatches.  I usually keep medalions around, and do not charge extra for them per availability. 


Ruger single actions come in a few flavors as far as grip sizes.  Note the following guide about Rugers, and then use a menu selection to order.  Please note in the text field if your frame is stainless.  In addition to your order notes, Ill be following up with you via email for model information.     $200 with $5 shipping. 


Vaquero - Uses a steel, XR3-Red frame


New Vaquero - Uses a steel new model version XR3 frame


Anniversary and Lipsey Flattops (Non Bisley) - these take New Vauqero grips


New Model Blackhawks and Single Sixes - If blued, they use an alloy version of the XR3-Red frame.  If stainless, its steel. 


3 Screw Blackhawks and Single Sixes - Uses an alloy, old model version of the XR3-Red frame


Vintage Flattops and 50's era single Sixes - uses the old XR3 frame


Super Blackhawk - If its a 7 1/2 or 10 inch barrel, it will use grips for the square back trigger guard dragoon frame.  For the short barreled models, those basically use Vaquero grips.  For Super Blackhawks, i will need to know barrel length and finish (blued or stainless).


Old Army - Uses a steel, XR3-Red frame



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