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Italguns American Pioneer Single Action revolver

If youíre here, you probably searched on ďItalguns American Pioneer Single Action revolverĒ or some permutation thereof.  Maybe " Italguns SAA" was your search. Your questions are, who made these guns and when? 

The one Iíve got and the rest Iíve seen are all proof stamped XXVI, which is 1970.  This importer was in business briefly before disappearing, so I donít expect to see any beyond that. 

The obvious presumption is that the revolvers are Italian, but there are no makers marks on them.  On physical examination of the guns there is no mystery.  The hammers on these single actions have a hammer block safety actuated by an internal rod.  Aldo Uberti invented that, and used it on his companies single action replicas for several decades, starting in about 1969.

So these guns are Ubertiís, and they would be among the companies first cartridge revolvers.  My sense is that Ubertiís rollout chronology goes, Stalllion in the late 60ís, this Pioneer SAA in 1970, Cattleman and Outlaw in 1971.

I donít know what kind of luck a fellow will have trying to fit modern Uberti parts to one of these Pioneers should they need something.  I suspect its an easy job for the single action proficient gunsmith.

Whats the quality?  They're all steel, not cheaply made at all.  It's a very serious rendering of a single action replica. Metal fit is good, color case hardened finish is excellent.  Cowboy shooters make complaints about certain generations of Uberti revolvers, particularly those with the D-cam hammer and its bolt.  And this revolver has got that.  But when in time, the revolver functions well.  And if its not in time.... fix it so it is.  Typical chicken soup for the single action guy's soul, eh?

What are these guns worth?  Meh.  Imported replica by no name importer thats gone.  The bulk of the guns are in .22, and most fellows are not driven to have an exquisite .22 single action.  Say $ 250 - $300.

How many are there?  A few hundred.

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