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Ruger Security Six, Service Six, and Speed Six Grips

An Elk beam makes for an excellent set of double action grips.  I can render a set for you that has granite like heft and durability. 

I make grips for Ruger's Security-Six family of revolvers, which includes the Service-Six and the round butted Speed- Six.  Shoulders are factory width or slimmer, and you will find no difficulty in using speed loaders.  By habit I do use medellaions on these, as they provide a stake for the backside washer. 

I can cut for either the low back or conventional back grip profile.  What profile your revolver has is usually related to it's serial number prefix, so please do include that (the 150- or 151- number at the beginning of the serial).  Bark coverage can be extensive or minimal.  $200 with $5 shipping.

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